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Spring Dust-Off April 2015

by Roger on May.10, 2015, under Club News, Outing

We held our 2015 Spring Dust-Off event on April 19th, starting at the Yaphank Garage and ending at the Mill House Inn for lunch.

Chris arranged for a tour of the Yaphank Garage for us with one of their volunteers. This is a 1930′s restored Shell gas station with original police cars, tow truck, and office with old cash register. We also had the opportunity to do photos in front by the gas pumps. We had an excellent turn out, with many of our members showing up in their special interest cars.

After we strolled around the gas station we headed over to the Mill House Inn for lunch. The Mill House is situated down the street on a lake where we could park our cars for lake side viewing and photos.

Thanks to Chris for setting up this event for us and coordinating the tour and luncheon! It was a fun day and was good to get our cars out after the long cold winter.

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2014 Garden City Easter Sunday Vintage Car Parade

by Roger on Apr.22, 2014, under Parade

The Empire Lambda Region attended the Garden City Easter Parade with 7 of our members in attendance. There was a tailgate breakfast with bagels and coffee that we enjoyed while our cars were lined up for the parade’s staging, which was an experience in and of itself as it was one interesting car after another, and you never knew what would be rolling into the staging lot next. Next to us was a real nice 1979 Pacer woody recently bought at Hershey.

There were an estimated 500 cars in the parade and many people were dressed in vintage clothing, Easter bonnets, and Easter bunny outfits.

The parade started promptly at 1pm and ran over two hours as the spectators cheered and a Dixieland band played along the route. Bunnies and chocolate were thrown from many of the cars to the kids during the parade. Even some “big kids” got some candy, though maybe at the expense of a few actual kids, who got knocked over as they were in the way. I will not provide the names to protect the guilty, YOU know who you are. :D

Chris’ mom was there with us as well, with her amazing Easter Bonnet which captured quite a bit of attention.

The Parade was a perfect activity to enjoy before heading to our Easter Sunday meals.

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2014 Gotham Open Bowling Tournament at Syosset Lanes

by Roger on Apr.22, 2014, under Outing

The Empire Region was one of the sponsors for the 2014 Gotham Open Bowling Tournament that was held April 4th to April 6th. We placed a quarter page ad in their Journal and handed out information about our club.

We had 3 members park their cars in front of the Bowling alley for display on Saturday, April 5th. This gave us an opportunity to support the Bowling Tournament and get club exposure. Many of the bowlers visited our cars and asked questions.

This was a great opportunity to support the LGBT community and gain exposure for our club. It is estimated about 240 bowlers from many parts of the tri-state area were in attendance.

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2014 Spring Dust-Off at Captree State Park

by Roger on Apr.16, 2014, under Outing

Peter Writes:

On Sunday April 13th the Empire Region held it’s annual Spring Dust Off at Captree Boat Basin with 12 members in attendance.

Those who got there early were able to browse the numerous cars that were at the busy Sunday morning cruise and some of us had time for breakfast there as well.

We gathered together around 10am at the far east parking lot and caught up with each other since the long winter.

Mike W made an entrance and came swooping in with his new baby, a 1998 Firebird Trans Am Convertible finished in Bright Green Metallic with a 5.7 liter V8!! We quickly swarmed the car for inspection and congratulated Mike on his new car. What a beauty it is and a California car too.

We then started our contest to see who could get the closest to the orange cone without knocking off the Easter egg. Chris N had a good idea to change it so that we had to back up instead of going forward. He gave us instructions and did a demo run for us. The winner of the “Marsha” award would be announced at the end and presented with a gift.

Results of the contest and distance to the cone:

Peter – 4.5 inches

Chris – Touched the cone but did not move the egg
Sam – 4 Feet (yes I said Feet). My 7 inch ruler wasn’t big enough to measure but lucky for us John D had a 25 foot measuring tape so we could measure Sam’s car from the cone
Larry – Touched the cone but did not move the egg
Patrick – 3.5 inches
George – FAILED, he not only hit the cone but the egg flew off
Mike W – 1.75 inches
John – 7.5 inches

Chris and Larry tied so we did a do over for them. Chris didn’t do so well this time, he hit the cone hard and knocked the cone and egg right over. Larry didn’t hit the cone but if he went back any further his right side mirror would have knocked off the egg (the back of his car wasn’t even close). We declared Larry the winner of the “Marsha” award because he didn’t knock over the cone!

We had a lot of fun doing the contest and we noticed that some people where watching us crazy men in our cars.

Thanks to John P for supplying the cones, Mike W for taking the pictures, Chris N for providing instructions and setting up the cones, and to all the others who helped measuring.

Now it was time to caravan to Salvatore’s for lunch. We all got into our cars and started to head out when Peter’s ignition switch wouldn’t turn. This was an issue for this car for at least 50 years but it always worked after a few tries. Patrick and Sam stayed behind to help out but it just wouldn’t turn. The others left not knowing that Peter was stuck. After a long winded story we decided to hot wire the car and George came to back to do that. George reach in and turned the key and the car started! OMG thank goodness it finally started and Peter drove happily home. Needless to say a new ignition cylinder was ordered that evening. A big thanks to all that helped and everyone concerns.

Even though I never made it to lunch I heard that it was a good afternoon. Salvatore’s is a great place to eat and I am glad that we kept the tradition of doing lunch their each year.

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