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2014 Gotham Open Bowling Tournament at Syosset Lanes

by Roger on Apr.22, 2014, under Outing

The Empire Region was one of the sponsors for the 2014 Gotham Open Bowling Tournament that was held April 4th to April 6th. We placed a quarter page ad in their Journal and handed out information about our club.

We had 3 members park their cars in front of the Bowling alley for display on Saturday, April 5th. This gave us an opportunity to support the Bowling Tournament and get club exposure. Many of the bowlers visited our cars and asked questions.

This was a great opportunity to support the LGBT community and gain exposure for our club. It is estimated about 240 bowlers from many parts of the tri-state area were in attendance.

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Empire Region’s Annual Bowling Event, January 2013

by Roger on Jan.26, 2013, under Outing

Peter writes:
On Sunday January 13th the Empire Region held its annual bowling event at Bowlmor Union Square NYC. We had 7 members attend and everyone had lots of fun perfecting our bowling skills. We all challenged ourselves very hard the first game that we decided to make the second game a bit easier for us so we had the gutter guards put up! This took a lot of pressure off of us so we could concentrate on setting our skills to a higher level. Prizes were awarded to first and last place bowler. Congratulations to Charlie S. for taking first place and Mike W. for last place, way to go men!!

After bowling we all went over to Pete’s Tavern for a late brunch. Pete’s Tavern is the oldest continuously operating restaurant & bar in New York City. As befitting an official NY historical landmark they stay true to their traditions. Pete’s Tavern continues to serve the best in Italian-American cuisine & their famous 1864 House Ale with the same kind of high quality neighborhood service that made O. Henry a loyal regular at the turn of the 20th century.

As a special treat, on our way back to the car, we ended up in the middle of a crowd of participants that rode the subway for the No Pants Subway ride that day. All those lovely men in their underwear were scattered all over the street, some were even enjoying a slice of pizza in a local pizza parlor. What a nice way to end a great afternoon with good friends!

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Empire Region’s Annual Bowling Event 1/22/12

by Roger on Feb.15, 2012, under Outing

Our first club event of the new year, 2012!

January is usually the perfect time to get out and have some indoor fun even given the unusual balmy-ness of this years winter.

As always Bowlmor Lanes, a truly first-class establishment in the heart of Times Square failed to disappoint, providing our club with its unique ambiance, delicious appetizers (and cocktails) to fuel the intense bowling competition.

Fingers surreptitiously greased by chicken wings, the game was on!

Our first place winner was Charlie Summers, second went to John Popeleski.

The coveted and highly-contested “Worst Bowler Award” was nabbed by Michael Mitchell.

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Empire Region’s Annual Bowling Event Jan.22, 2011

by Roger on Feb.06, 2011, under Outing

By Sam Propper

Well here we are, the beginning of another year, 2011! What a perfect time to get out and have some fun indoors as we ALWAYS do during this extremely cold and snowy winter.

Peter Lauria, our  new V.P. has really whipped one up this time!  Thanks to his meticulous and careful planning, he planned a fantastic event at the BRAND NEW Bowlmor right in the heart of the theatre district on W 44th in Times Square. This is not your dad’s and grandpa’s bowling alley. This is like going to a resort in a five star hotel-theme park all under one roof comprising 3 stories!!!  Awesome and “off the hook”!

At the lobby at street level, we were greeted by a concierge, (we don’t have those here in the suburbs-sounds fancy!), who was a cute young buck with his hat and gloves! Looked cute behind the desk too!

Then, you take the elevator up to the 3rd level where we all met in the main lobby at the shoe –check in desk which looked like something out of a hotel!  Everyone who was attending our soiree finally arrived, some fashionably late, at which time we proceeded to collect our shoes and go to “Central Park”- the section where we went bowling. Yes, this is like a theme park and state of the art too!  Millions must have been spent to create this splendid environment!

Other theme areas were Coney Island, The 1950’s Doo-Wop, “Old New York “ and so on. The lanes were grouped in two’s , perfect for our purposes!  Now for the members who attended Sunday’s event:

Mike Weiss, Mike Mithchel, John Henrikson, Tom Martinez, John and Joe, Chris, Richie Bosardo, Peter Lauria, and yours truly, me!

We bowled for 2 ½ hours and 2 games ,  boy we had a blast.  Having John Koveleski  and Joe St. George there was so so perfect. Especially when John showed us his very fine skills at bowling when he used the children’s assistance bowler, and he actually hit the pins this time!! Just to mention, John K. won the “worst bowler award” an honor only reserved for the finest bowlers who use walkers!

John Koveleski and his bowling assistant

Our first place winner and appropriately so, was Peter Lauria who truly demonstrated his agility on the bowling alley!  We have 4 other winners including myself, Richie Bosardo, Tom Martinez, and Joe St. George.

During the bowling, people ordered such delicacies as chicken fingers-served fancy, Humus and pita, nice drinks and all sorts of stuff.

After bowling 2 games, we finally had had enough. Our limp wrists were so sore  that they went straight!!  Ouch!  We filed up to the front desk, gave back our pumps and then paid our “dues”.  From the front desk, we congregated in a lounge area to give out the gorgeous little die cast 50’s cars to all of the winners and the Looney Tunes Car to John K.  Ray Lacomba showed up for a hello with partner Patrick and a friend to make their showing. It was good to see them.

All in all, it is unanimous that everyone wants to have this event here at Bowlmor again next year!!!

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